February 13, 2005

seems baby pages are all the rage these days!

mister AJ has a new friend for me, too! here's Ella's web page

the scary part is, it looks like daddy's influence is spreading. we'd hoped to try and keep it contained to the house, but it looks like some got out.


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my new cousin!

hey everybody, check out my new cousin, Dominick!

welcome to the world, Dominick! can't wait to meet ya in person!


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October 17, 2004


check out my chameleon-like ability to virtually disappear in any room...you can't even see me! here's a hint: look closer at the blinds.

peek-a-boo! with skills like this, i'm thinking of becoming a secret agent...


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July 14, 2004

monkey problems

so there i was, just minding my own business, digging through the closet, when i find this big neon monkey! i pulled him out, and he starts makin' all this racket...daddy went to get the camera, of course.

(the video is about five minutes long, but it's only about 9 mb)
crazy ol' neon monkey


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May 07, 2004

my sixth state...

so now i've been to texas (my home state), oklahoma (it's Oh Kay!), missouri (the grandma state), california (where mommy used to live), nevada (pretty lights), and now, the latest addition, florida (the grandpa state)!

here's my photo-documentary of the trip...


and, one final parting shot...on the way back through houston, mommy briefly considered trading in daddy for the world-famous american idol superstar, william hung!



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April 23, 2004

couple pictures...

yes, yes, i know...the last post was back in early february. i've got a lot going on, you know? lots of standing to do....a girl's got to keep up with her standing. i've been pulling myself up and holding on to things for about a month now. as you can see, i can now support myself simply by remaining too distracted to realize i'm not holding on to anything:

i've got no strings to hold me down, there are no strings on me!

and since it's been so long, here's a big smile to hold you until the next post...

smile! it makes people wonder what you're up to!


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February 17, 2004

happy valentine's day!

so i'm four days late for valentines day, but still, i think the cute-factor will more than make up for the procrastination (wow, that's a big word for a five-month-old).

aren't we a couple'a cuties

this is me & emma. we've been friends since before either of us can remember, which could be minutes, or could be months...we're just babies, so neither of us can really remember all that far back. here we are, modelling our valentines outfits.

down below, you can't really tell if i'm biting or kissing emma's head. since it's valentine's day and we're super-cute babies, let's all just go ahead and assume it was a super-cute little kiss on the head. only the nanny knows the truth!

am i biting or kissing?  only the nanny knows!

happy valentine's day!
-sydney (with special guest emma)

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February 16, 2004

got me some teeth!

so i had a surprise for everyone this afternoon...i woke up with no teeth, and this afternoon, i went ahead and grew a couple of good & sharp ones! i bit my nanny on the finger! boy, was she surprised...

won't let daddy get any photos...when he tries, i blither and stick out my tongue and then i babble and drool. that'll teach him! couple more of these babies, and i'm gonna bite me a couple of parents, maybe even some other kids...

alright, i gotta go bite stuff...talk to y'all later!


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December 19, 2003

mauled by a bear...

grin and bear it so today, i got this box from one of those guys daddy calls "browncloth ninjas" and when i opened it, this giant bear jumped out and attacked! See how surprised I looked?

unbearably cuteso i sat down with mister bear, and we talked out our differences. turns out, we have a lot in common -- we're both unbearibly cute!

bear hugcan't bear to be apart next thing you know, 'ol bear and me are the best of friends


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November 19, 2003


so we just got back from my first real road-trip....an 800-mile trip up to missouri in lieu of a long drive over thanksgiving...i handled it pretty good, i think. we left last wednesday, spent the night in tulsa, then drove some more on thursday...i only cried for about 15 minutes, when it first got too dark to see who was in the back seat with me. that trip wasn't so bad, breaking it into two days...but then, on the way back, daddy drove straight through for 14 hours...daddy is so crazy sometimes...i whimpered a bit during the last couple of hours, but for the most part, i slept. had mommy and daddy both pretty nervous...they didn't think i'd sleep that night, but i slept fine.

anyway, it was a pretty fun trip. i saw grandma and uncle tim again, met my great grandparents (the ones on daddy's daddy's side are 96! that's 384 times older than me!), met some first-cousins-once-removed, some second-cousins, some great-aunts-and-uncles, and at least one great-great-aunt...really, the relationship complexity has gone way beyond the point where even mommy and daddy can tell me how i'm related to all of 'em....

naturally, daddy took some photos on the trip....we counted yesterday, and he's taken over 1000 photos since the day i was born...no wonder flashing lights don't seem to bother me any more...

relaxin', takin' a bath in a giant inflatable ducky.here i am, getting ready to meet everyone...

here's great grandma and great grandpa ferris: the oldest ones and the newest one

cute & cuddly cousinsas you can see from my second-cousins, cute runs in our family...

why, hello, bunny! where did you come from? i could swear there were fingers there yesterday...

hi there!just hangin' out, starin' at the camera...

wow. meeting all these people wears me out! sprawled out on mommy's lap


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October 31, 2003

wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too?

happy halloween, everybody!

this is me in my pepper costume. i got it from Miss McKenna, a friend of mine from california! she's a lot older than i am...over ONE already, if you can believe that! i have a lot of her stuff, because mommy says that her mommy has good taste. not like daddy. daddy bought me a little star trek outfit that mommy keeps hiding, but that's okay, because daddy says it'll prolly fit me next year.

i've gotta rest up for the trick-or-treaters....here are a few more halloween shots of me...

wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too?awww, who's a widdiw punkin?wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too?

now, send me some candy!


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October 29, 2003

i hate needles

so this posting is a little late, and i back-dated it, so some of you might not notice it...but it's something i wanted to tell y'all about anyway. mommy and daddy took me to the pediatrician this past wednesday (i'm actually posting this on saturday evening), and i'm in the 95th percentile for length, and 65th for weight. so i'm looong and skinny. so that's all good stuff, but then...something horrible happened...mommy held me down, and the pediatrician jabbed needles in my legs!! six times!!!

naturally, i screamed. daddy came over and picked me up, but it took awhile before i calmed down. daddy woulda been the one holding me down, 'cept he's got what he says is an "irrational fear of needles," ever since there was that one doctor that poked one in daddy's eye. mommy says that was just a 'scuse, so daddy wouldn't look like the bad guy holding me down for the needles. daddy's pretty sneaky sometimes, so mommy's prolly right.

it took two or three days before i was back to normal after the shots...i had a tiny fever, and i went potty a whole lot more...i'm posting this so those of you coming up on your two month appointments will know what to watch for...


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October 19, 2003

the many faces of sydney

some people have requested that i post a bit more often. i apologize for the long spans of time that tend to pass between postings, but you have to understand...my days are pretty packed! there's all the sleeping, and the eating, and the crying, and the pooping, and the rolling over, and the lying on the floor, and whatnot...i mean, that's a lot to try to pack in to 24 hours. add web-mastering on to that, you can understand how two weeks might pass between postings! plus, i gotta wait for daddy to get new photos transferred over, or videos encoded....and with all the diapers i have him changing...well, his hands are often full, too...

but today, you're in luck. today, i not only got some photos from daddy, but i took some time out of my rolling-over schedule to add a new posting...

here's me looking happyhere's me, happy as can be

here i am, stickin' out my tongue:here's me lickin'

here's me lickin'ar! here's me pirate face, matey

i'm shocked and appauled:i'm shocked and appauled

here's me falling asleep...here's me, sleepy

here's me, smilin':here's me smilin'

we all have psychic mind control powersand here's one of my whole freaky, red-eyed family...


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October 04, 2003

an updated photo...

daddy has had a couple of requests for an updated photo, so here i am:

an updated photo

i know it's only one shot, but i've had a terrible bout of baby acne lately, and i've asked daddy not to post a bunch of pictures until my face clears up a bit.


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daddy's watching me again...

mommy left me alone with daddy today. i waited until she was just out the door before eating up most of the thawed stored food, then gave daddy about an hour to feel like he was up to the task of keeping track of me, and then i turned it up a notch, just to see what he could handle.

he's tried pacifiers...he's tried walking around the house with me...he's changed me eleventyfive times...he tried rocking me...he tried rolling me...he even tried teaching me japanese, i think...but now...now i'm hypnotized...he put on this dvd, called "baby mozart" and let me tell you, if you are a baby, you need to cry until your mommy and daddy get you this dvd. it's mesmorizing! the simple music, the high-contrast simple shapes...there's only one scary scene in the whole thing, with kittys and puppies, but other than that scene, i crashed out watching it, forgetting all about my plan of crying until mommy got home.

here's me right after daddy started the dvd...he started filming right after i stopped crying (~750KB):


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September 24, 2003

a surprise for mommy & daddy...

so i've been working on a new trick...i showed daddy last night, but mommy was asleep. so today, daddy got out the cameracorder and caught me on film. click my picture to watch, or right-click and select "save target as" to save the 863KB video (windows media format).

all the books say i shouldn't be able to do this until the end of three months. i'll be one month old tomorrow. so if all goes according to my accelerated schedule, i'll have completed my high-school equivalency exam by age 10, and be nearly finished with my mba by 13. now, if only i were potty-trained...


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September 22, 2003

where do you think you're going?

so daddy keeps going to work...but i think i've got a plan...if i sleep the whole time he's at work, then nap during the time when he gets back, i should be able to store up the energy to whimper all night and keep him from sleeping...then, he'll be soooo tired in the morning, he won't be able to go to work! so he'll stay home and play with me instead.

lately, i've started seeing more things around the house. i still don't like all these fuzzy animals they keep trying to hook me up with, but i'm really interested in things like walls and mommy and daddy's faces, and black lines on white paper can hold my interest for an inordinate amount of time.

i've started to like baths. except for the getting out of them part. and i'm up to 9 pounds and 3 ounces, so the eatin' is going pretty good. no new pictures just yet...daddy's got bunches of 'em, but i look pretty much the same as all the ones that are already posted, except for the times when daddy's camera is in the other room. then i get these super-cute little expressions that daddy can't capture on film, because i stop as soon as he comes in with the camera.

i'm tricky that way.


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September 15, 2003

on grandmas and great-grandmas...

daddy just showed me the pictures from this weekend when grandma and uncle tim were visiting, and i thought i'd post a couple...

this is one of me & grandma...
me & grandma

...and here's one of me on a quilt from one of my great-grandmas. i hope to meet them in a couple months, when i'm all ready for travellin'
me & great-grandma's quilt


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i don't think so, daddy...

daddy went back to work today. he left me home with mommy for almost ten hours, and he didn't even come home for lunch to say hi. he says it was because he was working way south for today. probably working for that "the man" he's always telling me to watch out for. i don't think i like this "the man" character.

caught you, daddyanyway, when daddy got home, i jumped on him and pinned him down, and i told him, "don't you go leaving me alone with mommy all day! i'm quite a handful, and i require two full-time supervisors to manage my daily needs!"

takin' the 'vette for a spini think i scared him, but just to make sure he got the message, i decided to take his car for a spin. as you can see, i'm stretching my tiny legs as much as i could, but try as i might, i couldn't reach the clutch. darn manual cars.

caught you, daddyneedless to say, when daddy caught me, he was none too happy, so i got sent to the penalty box.


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September 11, 2003

the days are just packed!

i'm starting to become a bit more aware of my surroundings....did you know that there are things in the world besides mommy's and daddy's heads? as you may have noticed from some of my earlier photos, i can now so totally hold my head up and look around. i'm still not very interested in stuffed animals and things, but music and mobiles and rattles have started to catch my attention.

my grandma and uncle tim are in town, and they seem like pretty nice people. they brought me presents, and that makes 'em okay in my book!


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September 08, 2003

yet another block of photos...

would someone please talk to daddy and tell him to lay off the camera for a bit? i mean, really...how much flashing can one baby take? it's like a rave here, with the constant strobing of the flash bulb....good thing i'm not epileptic...

oh, more pictures? i'm bored
i'm smilin'! seriously, dad...knock it off.
things are looking up... i've got daddy's eyes
wow...that's one hairy daddy.


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September 05, 2003

another new game...

i got bored of playing "guess why I'm screaming" and have come up with a new game. i call it "how late can you stay up?" this morning, i kept mommy jumping every hour by telling her, in no uncertain terms, that i needed to eat immediately. if that didn't get 'em up and moving, i'd play the bonus round, which i call the "stinky baby round" until they couldn't possibly ignore me any more and had to get up to change me. then i let them put me in the bassinette, get me all swaddled up, and i watch 'em until their eyes have just closed...then i count to 10 (can't go any higher, i can only see my fingers when i'm swaddled) before launching into my whimpering monologue.

this morning, i kept them up until sunrise! they had breakfast at 1pm, and could barely keep their eyes open all day! mommy is still asleep right now. daddy is trying to play with me to keep me from getting too much sleep before tonight's round of the game. poor misguided daddy. it's almost like he thinks he has a chance at some sort of control here. but he'll learn.

oh, yes. he'll learn. *evil baby cackling*


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September 03, 2003

hiccups: the motion picture...

daddy caught me with the hiccups tonight, and he captured it with one of his numerous electronic thingys. click my picture to watch, or right-click and select "save target as" to save the 2.85MB video (windows media format).


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September 02, 2003

another batch of photos...

boy, i tell ya. daddy and his camera are driving me nuts. every time i try to relax, FLASH, FLASH, FLASH, right in my tiny little face...

sleeping daddy and me screaming
conducting Beethoven's Fifth gettin' ready for a bath screaming
it's a-OK! hey! i've got thumbs!! my 32nd bedtime of the day
what the hell is this crap? wasn't me! ah, I've got it!

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September 01, 2003

a new game...

today, i've started a new game with mommy and daddy called, "guess why i'm screaming." it's a really easy game from my end. i just start screaming and shrieking and flailing about. i can start it at any time, from anywhere, and with no preparation. it's fun! they pick me up, they carry me around the house, holding me in different positions. they try to burp me...i can make them sing and dance if i play long enough...they change my diaper, they change my clothes, they pass me from one to the other....they wrap in blankets, they unwrap me, mommy tries to feed me, they try to burp me some more....they take to different rooms, let me play with different toys...but i don't stop! not until they find the secret code! i can't tell you what it is now, because i know daddy reads my posts.


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August 31, 2003

a few more photos...

here are some more photos of me....
hello! mommy & me tiny feet tiny hands sleeping daddy & me me & daddy all swaddled up with no place to go

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August 30, 2003

my new home...

mommy and daddy took me home today, and daddy got started straight away at showing me how to post entries on my new weblog. the template was all black and gray, tho, so i tried to tell him i didn't like the template and wanted more pink, but everything i say comes out sounding pretty much like my first words. but, as you can see, it looks like daddy figured it out anyway.

i like my new room pretty well, but there are big scary monkeys everywhere. daddy says monkeys are funny, and i trust daddy, but i'm still going to keep an eye on the biggest monkey. mommy and daddy said i can't sleep in my new room until i'm a little older. for now, they've got me in this tiny white rolling bed, but for a bed that rolls, they sure haven't shown me much of this new house. i think they may be a little worn out...they're forgetting basic social etiquette, and you know how mommy is about etiquette..."stop biting daddy"... "no elbows on the boppy"..."don't suckle and scream at the same time"...quite a contrast to daddy, who spends half his day trying to get me to burp!

well, i should stop for a bit. i need to eat or cry or sleep. i'm not really at a stage yet where i do too much with the diapers, but mommy and daddy keep changing me anyway, even the dry ones. i don't really mind that much, though. if everything goes according to my plans, they're going to need the practice.


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August 29, 2003

Welcome to the First Homepage of Sydney Ferris...

Hi! My name is Sydney Wright Ferris.

I was born at 11:08PM on Thursday, August 28.

I weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces, and was 21.5 inches long.

Here are some of my first photos...

It's all I've got for now...I'm tired, since I was quite literally born yesterday. I'll put up some more when they get me out of this place and into somewhere with a broadband connection.

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