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September 15, 2003

i don't think so, daddy...

daddy went back to work today. he left me home with mommy for almost ten hours, and he didn't even come home for lunch to say hi. he says it was because he was working way south for today. probably working for that "the man" he's always telling me to watch out for. i don't think i like this "the man" character.

caught you, daddyanyway, when daddy got home, i jumped on him and pinned him down, and i told him, "don't you go leaving me alone with mommy all day! i'm quite a handful, and i require two full-time supervisors to manage my daily needs!"

takin' the 'vette for a spini think i scared him, but just to make sure he got the message, i decided to take his car for a spin. as you can see, i'm stretching my tiny legs as much as i could, but try as i might, i couldn't reach the clutch. darn manual cars.

caught you, daddyneedless to say, when daddy caught me, he was none too happy, so i got sent to the penalty box.


Posted by sydney at September 15, 2003 10:57 PM


sydney...it's never too early to learn to buckle up! don't forget your seat belt girl!

Posted by: kim at September 16, 2003 07:45 AM