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August 30, 2003

my new home...

mommy and daddy took me home today, and daddy got started straight away at showing me how to post entries on my new weblog. the template was all black and gray, tho, so i tried to tell him i didn't like the template and wanted more pink, but everything i say comes out sounding pretty much like my first words. but, as you can see, it looks like daddy figured it out anyway.

i like my new room pretty well, but there are big scary monkeys everywhere. daddy says monkeys are funny, and i trust daddy, but i'm still going to keep an eye on the biggest monkey. mommy and daddy said i can't sleep in my new room until i'm a little older. for now, they've got me in this tiny white rolling bed, but for a bed that rolls, they sure haven't shown me much of this new house. i think they may be a little worn out...they're forgetting basic social etiquette, and you know how mommy is about etiquette..."stop biting daddy"... "no elbows on the boppy"..."don't suckle and scream at the same time"...quite a contrast to daddy, who spends half his day trying to get me to burp!

well, i should stop for a bit. i need to eat or cry or sleep. i'm not really at a stage yet where i do too much with the diapers, but mommy and daddy keep changing me anyway, even the dry ones. i don't really mind that much, though. if everything goes according to my plans, they're going to need the practice.


Posted by sydney at August 30, 2003 05:44 PM


Well, Sydney, I predicted at your parents wedding that you would probably take over the world. It appears if your already computer saavy that I was on the right track. Remember Uncle Matt will always love you. And it won't be in that creepy way like in that Twilight Zone Movie.

Posted by: Matt at September 3, 2003 02:17 PM