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December 19, 2003

mauled by a bear...

grin and bear it so today, i got this box from one of those guys daddy calls "browncloth ninjas" and when i opened it, this giant bear jumped out and attacked! See how surprised I looked?

unbearably cuteso i sat down with mister bear, and we talked out our differences. turns out, we have a lot in common -- we're both unbearibly cute!

bear hugcan't bear to be apart next thing you know, 'ol bear and me are the best of friends


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December 12, 2003

alright, i'm sorry...

hey, all...this is daddy posting, not sydney. i wanted to apologize for sydney not having posted any new pictures for a couple of weeks. we've been keeping her very busy lately, what with the making her grow like a weed, and all the sleeping and eating that involves, so she's had to cut back on some of the extracurricular activities like maintaining her webpage...

anyway, here's a super-cute picture to try to make up for some of the lost time.

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