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October 31, 2003

wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too?

happy halloween, everybody!

this is me in my pepper costume. i got it from Miss McKenna, a friend of mine from california! she's a lot older than i am...over ONE already, if you can believe that! i have a lot of her stuff, because mommy says that her mommy has good taste. not like daddy. daddy bought me a little star trek outfit that mommy keeps hiding, but that's okay, because daddy says it'll prolly fit me next year.

i've gotta rest up for the trick-or-treaters....here are a few more halloween shots of me...

wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too?awww, who's a widdiw punkin?wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too?

now, send me some candy!


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October 29, 2003

i hate needles

so this posting is a little late, and i back-dated it, so some of you might not notice it...but it's something i wanted to tell y'all about anyway. mommy and daddy took me to the pediatrician this past wednesday (i'm actually posting this on saturday evening), and i'm in the 95th percentile for length, and 65th for weight. so i'm looong and skinny. so that's all good stuff, but then...something horrible happened...mommy held me down, and the pediatrician jabbed needles in my legs!! six times!!!

naturally, i screamed. daddy came over and picked me up, but it took awhile before i calmed down. daddy woulda been the one holding me down, 'cept he's got what he says is an "irrational fear of needles," ever since there was that one doctor that poked one in daddy's eye. mommy says that was just a 'scuse, so daddy wouldn't look like the bad guy holding me down for the needles. daddy's pretty sneaky sometimes, so mommy's prolly right.

it took two or three days before i was back to normal after the shots...i had a tiny fever, and i went potty a whole lot more...i'm posting this so those of you coming up on your two month appointments will know what to watch for...


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October 19, 2003

the many faces of sydney

some people have requested that i post a bit more often. i apologize for the long spans of time that tend to pass between postings, but you have to understand...my days are pretty packed! there's all the sleeping, and the eating, and the crying, and the pooping, and the rolling over, and the lying on the floor, and whatnot...i mean, that's a lot to try to pack in to 24 hours. add web-mastering on to that, you can understand how two weeks might pass between postings! plus, i gotta wait for daddy to get new photos transferred over, or videos encoded....and with all the diapers i have him changing...well, his hands are often full, too...

but today, you're in luck. today, i not only got some photos from daddy, but i took some time out of my rolling-over schedule to add a new posting...

here's me looking happyhere's me, happy as can be

here i am, stickin' out my tongue:here's me lickin'

here's me lickin'ar! here's me pirate face, matey

i'm shocked and appauled:i'm shocked and appauled

here's me falling asleep...here's me, sleepy

here's me, smilin':here's me smilin'

we all have psychic mind control powersand here's one of my whole freaky, red-eyed family...


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October 04, 2003

an updated photo...

daddy has had a couple of requests for an updated photo, so here i am:

an updated photo

i know it's only one shot, but i've had a terrible bout of baby acne lately, and i've asked daddy not to post a bunch of pictures until my face clears up a bit.


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daddy's watching me again...

mommy left me alone with daddy today. i waited until she was just out the door before eating up most of the thawed stored food, then gave daddy about an hour to feel like he was up to the task of keeping track of me, and then i turned it up a notch, just to see what he could handle.

he's tried pacifiers...he's tried walking around the house with me...he's changed me eleventyfive times...he tried rocking me...he tried rolling me...he even tried teaching me japanese, i think...but now...now i'm hypnotized...he put on this dvd, called "baby mozart" and let me tell you, if you are a baby, you need to cry until your mommy and daddy get you this dvd. it's mesmorizing! the simple music, the high-contrast simple shapes...there's only one scary scene in the whole thing, with kittys and puppies, but other than that scene, i crashed out watching it, forgetting all about my plan of crying until mommy got home.

here's me right after daddy started the dvd...he started filming right after i stopped crying (~750KB):


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