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September 24, 2003

a surprise for mommy & daddy...

so i've been working on a new trick...i showed daddy last night, but mommy was asleep. so today, daddy got out the cameracorder and caught me on film. click my picture to watch, or right-click and select "save target as" to save the 863KB video (windows media format).

all the books say i shouldn't be able to do this until the end of three months. i'll be one month old tomorrow. so if all goes according to my accelerated schedule, i'll have completed my high-school equivalency exam by age 10, and be nearly finished with my mba by 13. now, if only i were potty-trained...


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September 22, 2003

where do you think you're going?

so daddy keeps going to work...but i think i've got a plan...if i sleep the whole time he's at work, then nap during the time when he gets back, i should be able to store up the energy to whimper all night and keep him from sleeping...then, he'll be soooo tired in the morning, he won't be able to go to work! so he'll stay home and play with me instead.

lately, i've started seeing more things around the house. i still don't like all these fuzzy animals they keep trying to hook me up with, but i'm really interested in things like walls and mommy and daddy's faces, and black lines on white paper can hold my interest for an inordinate amount of time.

i've started to like baths. except for the getting out of them part. and i'm up to 9 pounds and 3 ounces, so the eatin' is going pretty good. no new pictures just yet...daddy's got bunches of 'em, but i look pretty much the same as all the ones that are already posted, except for the times when daddy's camera is in the other room. then i get these super-cute little expressions that daddy can't capture on film, because i stop as soon as he comes in with the camera.

i'm tricky that way.


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September 15, 2003

on grandmas and great-grandmas...

daddy just showed me the pictures from this weekend when grandma and uncle tim were visiting, and i thought i'd post a couple...

this is one of me & grandma...
me & grandma

...and here's one of me on a quilt from one of my great-grandmas. i hope to meet them in a couple months, when i'm all ready for travellin'
me & great-grandma's quilt


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i don't think so, daddy...

daddy went back to work today. he left me home with mommy for almost ten hours, and he didn't even come home for lunch to say hi. he says it was because he was working way south for today. probably working for that "the man" he's always telling me to watch out for. i don't think i like this "the man" character.

caught you, daddyanyway, when daddy got home, i jumped on him and pinned him down, and i told him, "don't you go leaving me alone with mommy all day! i'm quite a handful, and i require two full-time supervisors to manage my daily needs!"

takin' the 'vette for a spini think i scared him, but just to make sure he got the message, i decided to take his car for a spin. as you can see, i'm stretching my tiny legs as much as i could, but try as i might, i couldn't reach the clutch. darn manual cars.

caught you, daddyneedless to say, when daddy caught me, he was none too happy, so i got sent to the penalty box.


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September 11, 2003

the days are just packed!

i'm starting to become a bit more aware of my surroundings....did you know that there are things in the world besides mommy's and daddy's heads? as you may have noticed from some of my earlier photos, i can now so totally hold my head up and look around. i'm still not very interested in stuffed animals and things, but music and mobiles and rattles have started to catch my attention.

my grandma and uncle tim are in town, and they seem like pretty nice people. they brought me presents, and that makes 'em okay in my book!


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September 08, 2003

yet another block of photos...

would someone please talk to daddy and tell him to lay off the camera for a bit? i mean, really...how much flashing can one baby take? it's like a rave here, with the constant strobing of the flash bulb....good thing i'm not epileptic...

oh, more pictures? i'm bored
i'm smilin'! seriously, dad...knock it off.
things are looking up... i've got daddy's eyes
wow...that's one hairy daddy.


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September 05, 2003

another new game...

i got bored of playing "guess why I'm screaming" and have come up with a new game. i call it "how late can you stay up?" this morning, i kept mommy jumping every hour by telling her, in no uncertain terms, that i needed to eat immediately. if that didn't get 'em up and moving, i'd play the bonus round, which i call the "stinky baby round" until they couldn't possibly ignore me any more and had to get up to change me. then i let them put me in the bassinette, get me all swaddled up, and i watch 'em until their eyes have just closed...then i count to 10 (can't go any higher, i can only see my fingers when i'm swaddled) before launching into my whimpering monologue.

this morning, i kept them up until sunrise! they had breakfast at 1pm, and could barely keep their eyes open all day! mommy is still asleep right now. daddy is trying to play with me to keep me from getting too much sleep before tonight's round of the game. poor misguided daddy. it's almost like he thinks he has a chance at some sort of control here. but he'll learn.

oh, yes. he'll learn. *evil baby cackling*


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September 03, 2003

hiccups: the motion picture...

daddy caught me with the hiccups tonight, and he captured it with one of his numerous electronic thingys. click my picture to watch, or right-click and select "save target as" to save the 2.85MB video (windows media format).


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September 02, 2003

another batch of photos...

boy, i tell ya. daddy and his camera are driving me nuts. every time i try to relax, FLASH, FLASH, FLASH, right in my tiny little face...

sleeping daddy and me screaming
conducting Beethoven's Fifth gettin' ready for a bath screaming
it's a-OK! hey! i've got thumbs!! my 32nd bedtime of the day
what the hell is this crap? wasn't me! ah, I've got it!

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September 01, 2003

a new game...

today, i've started a new game with mommy and daddy called, "guess why i'm screaming." it's a really easy game from my end. i just start screaming and shrieking and flailing about. i can start it at any time, from anywhere, and with no preparation. it's fun! they pick me up, they carry me around the house, holding me in different positions. they try to burp me...i can make them sing and dance if i play long enough...they change my diaper, they change my clothes, they pass me from one to the other....they wrap in blankets, they unwrap me, mommy tries to feed me, they try to burp me some more....they take to different rooms, let me play with different toys...but i don't stop! not until they find the secret code! i can't tell you what it is now, because i know daddy reads my posts.


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