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October 29, 2003

i hate needles

so this posting is a little late, and i back-dated it, so some of you might not notice it...but it's something i wanted to tell y'all about anyway. mommy and daddy took me to the pediatrician this past wednesday (i'm actually posting this on saturday evening), and i'm in the 95th percentile for length, and 65th for weight. so i'm looong and skinny. so that's all good stuff, but then...something horrible happened...mommy held me down, and the pediatrician jabbed needles in my legs!! six times!!!

naturally, i screamed. daddy came over and picked me up, but it took awhile before i calmed down. daddy woulda been the one holding me down, 'cept he's got what he says is an "irrational fear of needles," ever since there was that one doctor that poked one in daddy's eye. mommy says that was just a 'scuse, so daddy wouldn't look like the bad guy holding me down for the needles. daddy's pretty sneaky sometimes, so mommy's prolly right.

it took two or three days before i was back to normal after the shots...i had a tiny fever, and i went potty a whole lot more...i'm posting this so those of you coming up on your two month appointments will know what to watch for...


Posted by sydney at October 29, 2003 09:42 PM