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June 04, 2004

i am sydney's first black eye...

rule one of baby fight club? there is no baby fight club.

she's my....black eyed girl

so, as you can see, sydney got her first black eye today. no, it wasn't really from baby fight club...she's been sneaking in some walking when no one is looking, and she crashed into a bit that sticks out on her highchair. (guess who plans to write the manufacturer?)

today was the first day we really caught her taking steps by herself, where we weren't trying to convince her to stand and goad her into taking the steps...she went to the end of the couch, where she usually drops to a crawl, and just walked away instead...

fortunately, i was fiddlin' with the camera at the time, trying to get this picture of her eye...i'd set it to movie record mode, and while i was looking at the controls, trying to figure out how to stop recording, i noticed she'd moved away from the couch, but was still on her feet...five or six solid steps this time, and when she stops, she stands there for a minute before dropping to a crawl, much different than the above instance, when you see her stumble from me to amy with almost no control whatsoever.

anyway, too late to digitize the video for tonight, but it'll be part of the first installment of "Sydney - The Motion Picture." i've captured and digitized over 11 hours of footage already. about 10.5 hours are in the category of "most boring video footage in the world to anybody but Sydney's parents," but maybe we'll throw some music tracks on there, add a bit of CG animation, see what we can do in post-production...


Posted by jferris at June 4, 2004 12:53 AM